Kebbah from Aleppo

Kebbah Is an Arab dish made of bulghur, minced onions and ground red lamb meat.

Served in different shapes, balls or patties, and baked or cooked in broth.

Kebbah Products

  • Kebbah bil sanieh
    (Kebbah on a tray)

  • Kebbah Darawish

  • Kebbah Haramieh

  • Kebbah Balls

  • Kebbah Shamiyeh

  • Kebbah Sajieh

  • Kebbah Mabroumeh

  • Kebbah Trabelsieh
    (from Tripoli)

  • Kebbah Swaret Esset
    (Lady Bracelet)

  • Round Tarte (Pie)

  • Ovale Tarte (Pie)

  • Kebbah with Cheese

  • Open Kebbah

  • Kebbah with Cheese (Open)

  • Kebbah Majuka

  • Kebbah Zghartawieh

  • Kbeibat

  • Kebbah with Pumpkin